Mt. Hope Farm Bristol RIMt. Hope Farm Bristol RIIt’s pretty crazy that I’m just writing about Mt. Hope Farm now (other than quick Moonwalk mentions), considering I go there at least once a week. I think I’ve just been intimidated by the idea of trying to capture all the parts of it that make it so special.

It’s my favorite place to watch the seasons change, as the scenery is a bit different each time I go. We usually take the dog for a walk in a loop past the gorgeous meadow and the duck pond.  We’ve spotted deer, red-tailed hawks, and even a black-crowned night heron.

Mt. Hope Farm Bristol RI Mt. Hope Farm Bristol RIBut there is so much more to this place. A longer trail leads down to a beautiful little cove and cabin (often used for weddings), and numerous side trails will take you to the shore to look out over Mt. Hope Bay. One day I was surprised to see a seal hauled out on a rock just yards from the trail!

The property also has great historical significance, as the site where King Philip of the Wampanoags was killed, and as the home of some very important New Englanders.

Mt. Hope Farm Bristol RI Mt. Hope Farm Bristol RI Mt. Hope Farm Bristol RIOver the last few years, the nonprofit managing Mt. Hope Farm has ramped up its efforts to engage the local community. Their new director, Jennifer Bristol, has started so many wonderful programs including an annual craft fair, a Fall festival, and an expansion of the barnyard. There is also a year-round farmers market hosted at the Farm. In the summer, vendors set up under giant old oak trees on the front lawn, and the in the winter, the market is held in the cozy barn, complete with a roaring fire and local musicians.  If you’re visiting from far away, you can also stay overnight at the Inn.

Mt. Hope Farm Bristol RI Mt. Hope Farm Bristol RI