Learning about the Monarch Butterfly at the Butterflies of Cape Cod Sanctuary

FREE Montessori Homeschool Nature Inspired Lesson Plan! This Explorer Guide teaches children 4 and up about Monarch Butterfly Migration, Habitat and Life Cycle!

The past several weeks I’ve noticed beautiful Monarch Butterflies floating around when I am driving and often see them drinking nectar from the butterfly bush outside my window. This time of year is when the Monarch Butterflies (the only species of butterfly that has a two-way migration like birds!) start their Fall journey south to […]

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Tower Hill Botanic Garden Tour

We’d been to Tower Hill Botanic Garden before, to escape the winter blues. But I was so excited to drive up there on a gorgeous fall weekend and finally see the outdoor gardens. Tower Hill Botanic Garden is the home of the Worcester County Horticultural Society, a nonprofit organization with the goal of advancing the science and improving the […]

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