Hey there,

I’m Caitlin, and this site exists to help you enjoy more quality time with your family. We all know what it feels like to be swallowed up by the daily grind. Even in the amazing U.S. of A, parents do not get enough support from our government or society. But until those policies change – let’s explore ways to create and enjoy memorable moments with our families despite the challenges of working/parenting/hustling/surviving.

I’m an environmental educator who has spent decades learning about and sharing the gifts of the natural world. After a four year struggle with infertility I finally became a mom, something I had quietly dreamed of my whole life. And when it finally happened, I wasn’t going to let everyday stressors prevent me from being the mom I wanted to be. I started designing printable activities and planning pages as a way to reclaim little bits of quality time with my daughter and introduce her to those wild and free moments only nature can provide.

When I’m not busy with Our Natural Heritage, you can find me:
Daydreaming about my fantasy surfer girl lifestyle
Enjoying my #guiltypleasures of cookie dough, chick flicks, & Martha Stewart Magazine
Getting my husband a little tipsy and making him sing karaoke

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