Colt State Park Bristol RIColt State Park Bristol RII have a similar conundrum with Colt State Park as I do with Mt. Hope Farm. The place is so large and the scenery so varied, I’m intimidated trying to capture its essence with words or photographs. I’m just going to have to ask you to trust me – you need to stop by here if you’re ever in the area.

Year-round the Park is the perfect place to go for a walk, and is a beloved spot in the summer for sunning, swimming, picnicking, kite-flying, or showing off your hot rod. The picnic areas scattered around are often reserved for family reunions and kid’s birthday parties.  Visiting the park on a busy summer day you’re reminded of how important this free access to nature is to so many of us. The East Bay Bike Path connects Colt State Park to both downtown Bristol and Warren, and all three destinations are close enough to be visited in a day.

Colt State Park Bristol RIColt State Park Bristol RI Colt State Park Bristol RI