How to Build a TerrariumHow to Build a Terrarium

Last week, I made a few terrariums for a friend’s woodland-themed baby shower. Terrariums are a great way to bring nature indoors and I’ll admit that having a  mini-forest on my dining table is making this blustery season much more bearable.

Some tips and tricks below . . .

* You can often find vintage animal figurines on etsy and ebay. Buying vintage is more eco-friendly, but I was pressed for time and bought these new.

*Look around your yard or neighborhood for interesting sticks or rocks, those covered with moss and lichen look really beautiful in the arrangement.

*Thrift stores are a great source for glass vessels of all shapes in sizes. If you want to splurge a bit – check out Terrain or other garden boutiques.

*I bought my moss at Petco (in the reptile section), but would’ve tried to dig up the moss from my yard if it wasn’t frozen under a foot of snow.

* I found teeny tiny plants made specifically for terrariums and “fairy gardens” at a local nursery.

*When you are arranging everything, make sure there is a height difference between the elements to keep the composition interesting. Sometimes I positioned a stick to look like a mini tree trunk.

*I made the toadstools by hand using FIMO clay from Michael’s Craft Store.  I used this tutorial and it was very easy.  When I was done shaping the mushroom I inserted a piece of wire in the stem so they could be stuck in the dirt. I also drilled a tiny hole in each animal and put wire in them too.

*Check out this page for a full DIY tutorial.

How to Build a Terrarium

How to Build a Terrarium

How to Build a Terrarium

How to Build a Terrarium

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