Bristol, RI is probably most famous for being home to the oldest continuous Independence Day Celebration in the country. Seriously, people start yelling “Happy Fourth (or Fowth depending on how long you’ve lived in RI for)” to each other in early June.  The whole two weeks leading up to the parade is slightly chaotic mix of free outdoor concerts by the harbor, Miss 4th of July beauty pageants, fundraisers, and contests to see who has the most patriotic spirit. It’s awesome.

But my favorite thing about Bristol is all the beautiful, natural spaces it has packed into its 20.6 square miles. There is no shortage of peaceful and bucolic scenes in this town, especially with Colt State Park and Mt. Hope Farm taking up large swaths of some of the most picturesque real estate.

Jeff made this video to showcase this wild side of Bristol in all its summer glory. Welcome to Bristol!

The Wild Side of Bristol, RI from Our Natural Heritage on Vimeo.