Happy Weekend!

I found out about a cool (free) Android and iOs product this week. Field Trip was created by Google and is designed to further engage you with your surroundings by acting as an instant and customizable field guide. The app runs in the background and if your device’s location services are turned on, it will send you an informational push notification when you approach a point of interest. I just got it this week, but have already learned about a random lighthouse in Narragansett Bay that I can see on my drive to work, and about a historical house that’s right around the corner.




The push notifications cover categories titled Architecture, Historic Places and Events, Lifestyle, Food and Drink, Offers and Deals, Food, Drinks and Fun, and Cool and Unique. I’d like to know why there isn’t a separate category just for beautiful natural places such as hiking trails and wildlife refuges. Within each category are several organizations/websites that create the content. You can pick which websites will send you information, or just fine-tune how often they send you stuff. I think the app can be a bit buggy and it’s not for people that hate push notifications, but I think it’s fun to discover all of these historical places, quirky roadside attractions, and unique buildings you might have never noticed!

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