If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know I have a soft spot for plants and flowers. When I started planning my wedding almost 5 (?!) years ago, I fell in love with the wild and gorgeous arrangements by the likes of Saipua, Green Lion Design, Studio Choo and Floret.

I’ve continued to follow these farmers and designers even after my wedding was over because I admire their mission to improve the environmental sustainability of the floral industry, and you just never tire of seeing photos of blooms!

Over the past year, as I’ve learned more about the burgeoning flower-florist movement, I’ve often fantasized about what it would be like to grow flowers for a living. I wish I could do a flower and herb internship at Stone Barnes Center (or any farm for that matter) but unfortunately I’m not at a place in my busy adult life where that’s possible.

I did decide to grow some flowers at home this summer, just for fun, just to make me happy. And if I can sell a few stems to local florist friends, well that would be awesome.

So with that little announcement, I’d like to resurrect the Friday Flowers series here on Our Natural Heritage. I’ll be up front right away and say I am not a naturally-talented gardener. But I’ll try to post an update and a photo or two each week to keep me focused on the little advances my plants and I (hopefully) make through the summer.