Note: I was originally going to post about several floral designers, but it would’ve been a ridiculously long post! Since “April showers bring May flowers”  – let’s switch up the Friday Explorer’s Club feature to be all about flowers this month.

I got really into flowers when I started planning my wedding back in 2008. Here we are, 5 years later, and I still haven’t tired of seeing gorgeous floral arrangements Even though I am looking at them through a computer screen, their beauty can still take away my breath sometimes. Below is one of my favorite flower girls;

Saipua is a soap and floral business, based out of New York. The company is owned by Sarah Ryhanen and her family. Recently, Sarah purchased a farm in upstate New York and is starting to plant some uncommon flowers that are hard to get at the flower market. A few times she has written about planting a row of flowers specifically requested by a bride. How is that for a custom order? If you just want a dose of gorgeous arrangements and farm photos, follow Saipua on Instagram. But Sarah is a wonderful, frank, and humorous writer, and often has interesting insights into the sustainability of the floral industry on her blog.


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