It’s that time of year when New England gardeners start dreaming of summer and can finally make plans for their beds and order seeds. I’m only a novice gardener, but can already feel spring slowly stretching forward to greet me. If you are in the market for seeds, might I suggest spicing things up a bit this year and ordering a few Art Packs from the Hudson Valley Seed Library.

Every year, the Hudson Valley Seed Library commissions contemporary artists to interpret a distinctive selection of the heirloom varieties for sale in their seed catalog. Each artwork becomes a seed pack and the original prints travel the country in an exhibit titled “The Art of the Heirloom.”  The mediums range from collage to printmaking to painting and beyond, and the Library encourages you to “plant the seeds, frame the art!”









all images are from the Hudson Valley Seed Library website (and P.S. Green Zebra tomatoes are awesome!)