seedlings2So, it’s finally warming up a bit! I spent a lot of time on Sunday shoveling dirt into the new raised beds that Jeff very kindly put together for me. I bought a 50/50 mix of compost and soil – I hope the flowers like it!

The cornflower seedlings were not looking too healthy and the sunflower seedlings were getting way too big so I risked the chance of frost and put those out in the raised beds.

seedlingsOver this last week, I gradually acclimated these seedlings to the outdoors and plan to add them to the raised beds this weekend.

The sweet peas I direct-seeded in the first raised bed (from the left) aren’t growing very quickly. I don’t think that area gets enough sun, but they are my neighbor’s trees so unfortunately I can’t do much about it.
seedlings3In the two new raised beds, I planted dahlia tubers, sunflower seedlings, and direct-seeded a bunch more sunflowers in several varieties. I can’t wait to see how they look!

In the past, I’ve had issues with feral cats using my raised beds as litter boxes, and bunnies chomping away at my new seedlings. For now I’ve placed mesh fencing on top of or around the beds, because I already had it. I might purchase some wolf pee from this hilarious website to keep the cats away once the flowers are larger, or invest in a prettier barrier.

Have a great weekend!