IMG_0045-001 copyI’ve written about Weetamoo Woods before, but this time we went specifically to snowshoe. Here in Rhode Island, we don’t often get enough accumulation to use snowshoes. I’ll always remember how pathetic I must have looked the year I got them as a Christmas gift and in my excitement proceeded to try to use them every time it snowed . . . 3 inches. Yeah, that doesn’t work unless you are trying to aerate (or destroy) your lawn.

But this time, it was for real – we got about a foot of snow and headed to the woods with our friends Jen and Andy. You may be asking yourself (as Jeff did for years), isn’t snowshoeing just walking? Technically yes, but do you really think you’d be up for trekking for hours in over a foot of snow with just boots on? Snowshoes do help you stay on top of the snow and maybe it’s just me but they seem to somehow lend a greater sense of adventure. It’s a beautiful way to experience nature in the winter, especially when it’s sunny and the world is quieter than usual from that blanket of fresh powder.

IMG_0035 -Snowshoeing

IMG_0051 copy

IMG_0047 copy

IMG_0053 copy

And though they aren’t officially part of Weetamoo Woods, no visit would be complete with saying hi to the friendly horses that live on the farm near the entrance.

IMG_0063 copy IMG_0083 copy