For the past two years, I’ve heard a few people mention this random lotus pond on the road to Wickford Village (RI). But whenever I drove by the area that people described, I could never find the plants, even after looking up directions online.


Last week I was driving towards Wickford from Narragansett in a hurry to get somewhere and out of the corner of my eye spot these giant lotus blossoms and lily pads poking up over the side of the road. I immediately swerved over and parked my car.

These huge and gorgeous plants were growing in a small sunken mill pond just off the side of the road, across from a larger pond. I had been looking on the wrong side the whole time! Most of these plants were taller than me, it felt like I was in some sort of magical Jurassic fairy garden. Everyone else I encountered at the scene was just as in awe as I was and there was a steady stream of visitors stopping by while I was taking these photographs.


I came across an article from a local paper that claimed the lotuses were planted in 1983, as a gift from a pair of brothers who were starting to develop the old mill complex into condominiums. It’s amazing the impact a few plants can have!



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