I am a novice gardener. I am also a very lazy and impatient gardener. This year, my vegetable starts were chomped down to nubs their first night out in the raised beds.  In lieu of taking the time to build a proper fence, I’ve been spraying their replacements with a Tabasco water mixture every night. I’ve  attempted some landscape gardening for the first time, but I don’t understand why you can’t just put things in the dirt and leave them to do their thing. Oh, they need water? And fertilizer? And certain soil types?

That is why I am not allowing myself to attend this wonderful plant sale this year. But you should. The Rhode Island Wild Plant Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of Rhode Island’s native plants and their habitats. The Society hosts educational workshops, outings, and lectures to teach local residents about native plants and how to grow them. Their annual plant sale features Rhode Island and New England Natives particularly suited to the area’s climate and growing condition. Their list of available plants is exciting and varied. Beach Plum, wood anemone, and ostrich ferns? Yes please!

All photos below are from the RI Wild Plant Society Website.