inmygardenjun26 copy

It’s been almost a month since my last garden update, and things have certainly changed! The sugar snap peas are  pretty much done, and the kale and broccoli are growing taller and fuller. I am so grateful that despite being overcrowded, we did get some poppies after all.

lettucejun26 copy

[I need to start using this lettuce!]

herbsjun26 copy

[cilantro and dill]

bed1jun26 copy

[two types of kale, broccoli, lettuce, and two types of cucumber]

bed2jun26 copy

[two types of tomatoes and a few beets!]

IMG_4710 copy

[I finally covered our two alpine strawberry plants, hopefully we’ll get to try these before the wild animals get to them]

poppiesjun26 copy

vase copy

I get so excited to garden every Spring. So much so that I start daydreaming about having a small farm. But for some reason after the initial plantings, my interest seems to wane. I think I just need to spend more time out there, because when I think about it, it’s pretty cool that I may get to eat kale and beets that I started from seed. Perhaps I am also being a bit judgmental that my garden doesn’t look something more like this (from the Beekman Farm). I know I can definitely fit more plants in those raised beds. And two tomato plants won’t be enough, especially when there are so many heirloom varieties to choose from!