Garden Betty is one of the newer blogs I’ve started following but it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. The site is authored by Linda Ly, an outdoor enthusiast, freelance web designer, wedding photographer, and avid gardener. Her posts are always so unique, educational, adventurous, and full of breathtaking photos. I’ve highlighted three of my favorites below . . .

Restoring a boat as a second home in Baja, Mexico

Linda and her husband both surf and often travel to Baja California, Mexico. Last year they purchased a second home in a sleepy beach community and are working to refurbish it.


Kayaking the newly restored LA River

Sections of the Los Angeles River have recently been opened to the public for kayaking. I was surprised by how natural the scenery could look!


Surfing and Snowboarding in the same day (WHILE GETTING MARRIED!)

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever read. In one day, Linda and her fiance were married on top of mountain, snowboarded down, then went surfing. Oh the things that are possible in Southern California.