It started with a well

In some parts of the world, things we often take for granted, such as access to clean water or education, make a huge difference. Not only to an individual’s quality of life, but to an entire community’s ability to flourish. After Liberia’s civil war ended in 2003, a man named Edward returned to his home […]

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Contributing to Google Field Trip

So after I wrote a post about the awesome Google Field Trip app, I emailed the developers on a whim and asked them if I could contribute. And to my surprise, they said yes! Basically, it will just be my posts republished through the app (it’s not a paid gig or anything) but I am […]

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I’m 31 now

I turned 31 last week. I started to feel a little depressed when I thought about how quickly the year had gone by because I had hoped to change so much more in certain areas of my life that I’ve really been struggling with. But, it’s sort of like that Rolling Stones song. I am so […]

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