Florida Bound!

This week, Jeff and I are headed to Florida to visit with his family and celebrate our 5 year anniversary. Ever since his father and stepmom moved to Florida from San Diego last year, I started planning an ultimate Florida trip in my head. It involved a little Disney (Jeff has never been), some family […]

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A short break

I just wanted make a little announcement that posting on the blog might be very light over the next month. I’ve signed up for a writing class which I am so excited about, but looks like is going to be a lot more work than I expected! I also wanted to say that I’ve added a […]

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Friday Flowers: The Seeds

With the amazing array of cut flowers you can grow, which ones do you choose? There are a ton of resources available both online and in print about planting flowers, but with so many variables to consider- season, climate, location, soil quality, fertilizer, I’ll admit I got a bit overwhelmed. Then I reminded myself that this is supposed to […]

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