Rhode Island

Ban the Bag

Last week in Rhode Island, a bill was introduced to the House of Representatives that would ban plastic checkout bags statewide.  Environment Rhode Island has been working tirelessly to educate our state about the issue and encourage passage of the bill. Tonight I attended a letter-writing party and submitted the following letter to the editor to […]

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The RISD Nature Lab, Providence, RI

The Rhode Island School of Design (aka RISD) maintains a very special place to inspire their students to engage with our biological realm. The Nature Lab was created in 1937 by faculty member Edna Lawrence, for the purpose of “supporting hands-on creative investigation and research into the relationships inherent in the dynamic living world.” This […]

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Roger Williams Park Museum of Natural History, Providence, RI

Now that it’s winter in Rhode Island, I’m finding myself more often in the mood to visit museums and greenhouses than to hike outside. The Roger Williams Park Museum of Natural History was perfect for a Sunday afternoon excursion in winter. The natural history museum is small, but has several permanent exhibits covering planetary science, […]

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