Friday Flowers

Garden and Herb Festival

One of the most peaceful and bucolic parts of my hometown of Tiverton, RI is Tiverton Four Corners. The roads at this four-way intersection all lead to something wonderful – farms, beaches, hiking trails, vineyards, and some incredible local favorite shops and restaurants including The Provender, Milk and Honey,  Four Corners Grill, and the iconic […]

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Friday Flowers: Transplanting

So, it’s finally warming up a bit! I spent a lot of time on Sunday shoveling dirt into the new raised beds that Jeff very kindly put together for me. I bought a 50/50 mix of compost and soil – I hope the flowers like it! The cornflower seedlings were not looking too healthy and […]

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Friday Flowers: The Seeds

With the amazing array of cut flowers you can grow, which ones do you choose? There are a ton of resources available both online and in print about planting flowers, but with so many variables to consider- season, climate, location, soil quality, fertilizer, I’ll admit I got a bit overwhelmed. Then I reminded myself that this is supposed to […]

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