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Moonrise Kingdom

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Moonrise Kingdom to hit theaters ever since I learned it was being filmed in the area where I live and work.  My friends and I were psyched that WES ANDERSON had chosen our Little Rhody for the site of his next movie… I remember hearing about the celebrity sightings last summer […]

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Southside Community Land Trust Rare and Unusual Plant Sale

The Southside Community Land Trust’s mission is to “provide access to land, education and other resources so people in Greater Providence can grow food in environmentally sustainable ways and create community food systems where locally-produced, affordable, and healthy food is available to all.” SCLT fulfills this mission by managing community gardens, educating local residents about sustainable food […]

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Sapowet Marsh, Tiverton, RI

Sapowet Marsh is a wildlife preserve located on the Sakonnet River. The beach is small and rocky but access is always free, and the views are usually dramatic. You are surrounded by gorgeous farmland, serene estuaries, and tidal rivers . Looking across the Sakonnet River , you can see Portmouth, RI and south towards Newport […]

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Lloyd Center, Dartmouth, MA

The Lloyd Center for the Environment is found down a long, wooded road in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  The center has a small natural history museum, observation deck,  and several  walking trails that meander through oak hickory forest, freshwater wetlands, salt marsh, and estuary.  We arrived very late on a winter afternoon and browsed through the indoor exhibits as […]

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Save The Bay Seal Watch, Newport, RI

Save the Bay, a fabulous environmental nonprofit in Rhode Island, runs a Seal Watch tour from November – April. The boat launches from downtown Newport, making it the perfect activity after you’ve had a delicious breakfast or lunch at a nearby restaurant.  The Seal Watch tour is led by an environmental educator and takes you […]

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Gray Seal Stranding

When I was younger, I would constantly scan the ocean, bays, and estuarine rivers of Rhode Island looking for dolphins. If I was feeling particularly sullen and angsty that day (most likely over a boy) I would sit on the shore and wish with all my might to see a dorsal fin or a tail […]

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