How to Go GlampingHow to Go Glamping This past weekend, we took a mini vacation to the White Mountain region of New Hampshire with some friends. No matter the season, I always feel so relaxed and content after a visit to that area. I couldn’t believe how wonderful the air smelled, whether it was scented with dampness and pine, or campfire and s’mores.  We mostly relaxed and played games (and ate) at the campground, and swam in the beautiful, clean White Lake. On Saturday, a few of us did take an excursion to swim in Diana’s baths, and on Sunday our entire group rented tubes and floated down the Saco River.  It was so beautiful and peaceful, I can’t wait to go again.

How to Go Glamping

How to Go Glamping

How to Go GlampingGrowing up on the coast, I’d always thought inlanders were a bit deprived. But after a weekend spent frolicking in the beautiful , clean lakes and rivers of New Hampshire – I realize they might actually get it all – water to swim in and mountains to hike and ski.

How to Go Glamping

How to Go Glamping

The entire week prior to our departure , I was constantly thinking about all the supplies and food I needed to prepare and pack. It was a little stressful and I thought maybe I was overdoing it – but it all worked out once we were there. I felt organized, prepared, and well fed. My friend kept commenting that I am a glamping champion, or “glampion” which made me pretty proud, and grateful I didn’t waste too much time preparing.  Here are a few things that always make a difference to me . . .

~  Having a few large totes/coolers/buckets/bags instead of  a ton of smaller ones. ( I had a large cooler for perishables, a large tupperware for camping items like cookware, camping chairs, papertowels/napkins, etc., and large tubtrug for non perishable foods/snacks).

~  Having an air mattress (with battery operated pump) and sheets and pillows from home.

~  Bringing  ingredients for a cheeseplate (good cheese, fancy crackers, fun spreads, fruit) – it always tastes even better outdoors and it’s fun for your group to chat and graze together.

~  If you are in the market for a new car-camping tent,  I’d consider getting one you can stand up in. It makes changing and setting everything up so much more pleasant. I’m pretty sure I bought this tent because of its name, but we love it and everyone we camp with seems a bit envious. . .

~ You can easily upgrade s’mores by swapping the usual Hershey’s for a  bar of good chocolate with add-ins (like espresso beans or dried cherries).

~ My dad showed me this easy and efficient way to do dishes while camping

How to Go Glamping

 C A M P I N G   R O C K S ! ! !

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