About Me

I was so embarrassed when they published that I wanted to be “a marine biologist at Sea World” in my 4th grade yearbook. I mean, yes, it was true. But even to my young brain the answer seemed to trivialize the profound love and respect I had already developed for the ocean and the fascinating life within it.

I was a dramatic child.

I continued to seek that course through college and it took me to some amazing places including Jamaica, Catalina Island, and Baja, Mexico. I loved my research classes and being out in the field, learning to scuba dive and even taking a test underwater. But as you learn the science behind our environment, you learn about some deeply troubling issues, and the conversation I heard over and over again is that to really impact environmental conservation you need people to become aware, to love, to change.

I am fascinated by the link between us humans and the environment; how we use it, how we explore it, how we can go about our daily lives but find creative ways to walk ever more gently on the earth.

Other random things about me:
I don’t consider it a dessert unless there’s chocolate in it (otherwise it’s breakfast!)
I have a day job at the University of Rhode Island
The East Coast is my home but I adore the West Coast and daydream about it constantly
My guilty pleasures include Martha Stewart, cookie dough, and chick flicks
I like to get Jeff a little tipsy and make him sing karaoke

About This Website

In graduate school, I realized that ecotourism is a perfect blend of my passion for exploration and environmental conservation. So this blog is about traveling and experiencing nature and local flavors, but in a way that can help conserve our natural resources and sustainably support those who live nearby.

Right now, the majority of places I visit and write about are in New England, but believe me when I say I go further every chance I get!